There are over 3.5 billion Google searches every day, and yet 93% do not navigate past the first page of results. In order to get your site on that elusive first page, make sure your SEO strategy is smart and strong, be creative and always be up to date with the continuously developing rules. However, there are so many sites that get lost in the ether as a result of making SEO website mistakes. Check out our guide below for a breakdown of the biggest SEO mistakes in 2019.

Don’t use black hat techniques unethical SEO practices

Do keep it white hat

Black hat techniques have to be the top SEO mistakes to avoid, and this term refers to unethical SEO practices that might boost rankings initially, but could easily result in your PageRank dropping to 0. In the modern, online world, Google has a considerable influence on the long term success of a business. Don’t risk the future of your company to make a quick buck!

Don’t focus only on desktop screens

Do mobile-friendly

With over half of all internet access now being from a mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone, it has never been more critical for your site to be completely mobile friendly. Keep your site fast and responsive; mobile users are much less likely to forgive you for a slow website.

Don’t stuff keywords

Do create content that prioritises readability

Going overboard and stuffing keywords all over your content will just result in a spammy site. Not only will this put readers off, but Google has also recently updated their algorithms to prevent websites that stuff from being at the top. Readability is essential, avoid using long wordy sentences and keep it within the active voice.

Don’t disregard user’s intent

Do keep it relevant

Whatever your business, you should be up to date with what your clients and potential clients are talking about, it is your responsibility to know the hot topics. It is vital that your website is primarily designed with your target audience, and their intent, in mind.

Don’t use keywords that are too broad or competitive

Do use relevant and long tail keywords

If you are hoping to SEO optimise your web site, start small and do not use keywords that are already taken up by big businesses. Look for local SEO search results to see what customers in your area are searching for, and consider using long tail keywords. The bigger companies often avoid these, and yet they can be an effective way of driving traffic to your site. Remember though, whatever keywords you go for, it is essential that it is easy to read and makes sense.

Don’t plagiarise

Do invest in quality content

Rightly so, Google penalises plagiarism, and this unethical practice can even lead to your site being removed from search results. This also includes self-plagiarism, so just remember that all duplicate content is harmful. The material on your website should be relevant, informative and engaging. It is a reflection of you as a business, and it is always worth spending money on quality material that will convert to sales.

Don’t ignore your site

Do audit your site regularly

It is important to audit your site regularly, checking any backlinks for broken pages and making sure that everything is working smoothly. Concentrate on link building and always test your pages to see what works and what needs improvement. Finally, remember that Google constantly updates their SEO algorithms, and the system is one of continuous development. To make sure that your website stays at the top, you need to be aware of the current SEO requirements.