We’ve all heard the phrase before, ‘content is king’ and how writing relevant, timely and unique content will do wonders for your digital marketing and your brand.

I don’t deny content  is a very valuable and powerful tool in your digital marketing arsenal – but with the way the industry has promoted the fact content is the be all and end all, has left many of my clients with a sour lingering taste on their tongues.

So if you claim content is no longer king, what the hell do I do with my content?

Let me tell you

Content is only as powerful as the platform that it is published on – and that is why for many small and medium businesses that are told to keep pushing out content to bring traffic to their website – they’re being told only a half truth.

What’s the point of creating quality content if the search engine results pages (SERPs) are dominated by the big players with a higher domain authority (DA). You can read more about domain authority from Moz: What is Domain Authority? – Learn SEO | Moz

Your content could be top quality, but with the larger players dominating the the top of the results pages, you’d be lucky to see any traffic trickle down to where you rank. It’s a vicious cycle, as Google rewards those with content that creates traffic – how are you meant to get traffic if Google doesn’t even give you the ability to show it off. (This reminds me of when I was applying to jobs straight out of university where the requirements for a starting role required 2-5 years experience in the same role).

So where does this leave us?

Content is no longer king – only for the reason that the smaller players who leave and breathe the phrase will get almost no where simply by writing content and expecting it to generate floods of organic traffic to the site and exposure to the brand.

By this point, you’re probably yelling at the screen wondering what the f*$@ you should be doing.

I came across this article on Medium recently that perfectly outlined the reason why your content isn’t getting the traffic and return it should be – and the perfect remedy is SEO syndication. A great read: How to Rank on the First Google Page If You Have a Low-Authority Site

Chinese takeaway please

To sum up:

  • Larger players dominate the SERPs rendering your amazing content almost obsolete as you don’t appear anywhere near the top for the traffic flow through
  • Google’s search results algorithm makes it a vicious cycle as you need traffic and Moz’s domain authority to rank higher up on the results page as you become more recognised
  • How to tackle? read Dainius’ well written article on Medium about ‘syndicated SEO content’ to give your content a healthy boost

As always, if you have any questions about this article, or would like to discuss your digital marketing options for your business and website – you can reach out to me on chris@digitalhut.com.au, or through our social channels and by leaving a comment below.